Jean Nestares Phelps


Piki Nestares Phelps is a photographer from Madrid, Spain. The Minister of Culture of Spain distinguished her early photographic work. She also won the prestigious Kodak trophy in Madrid. After leaving Spain for the United States, Piki studied Cinematography in New York City and later went to work as a director and producer for a TV station in Caracas, Venezuela. The author has also lived in Paris, Milan, Mexico City, New York City, and Chicago. Today she is based in Paris, France where she is totally dedicated to her family, painting, and writing.

She is now an author and illustrator of children’s books. THE ART OF FALCONRY follows her previous story, TAKING FLIGHT, ESCAPE FROM THE ZOO OF ST. JEAN CAP FERRAT. This book was recognized by the Golden Scribe Award 2009 with an honorable mention. Her new book features her watercolor paintings and her own experience in learning the art of falconry.